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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

“Future Starts Here!” exhibition is mainly focused on the research and design that will eventually be in our lives in the future. The exhibition is quite colourful with lots of lights, an atmosphere of a “Memphis art movement” which creates an understanding of Memphis being used in the future as well as today as design concept. One of the objects /design piece that I found interesting was the “Intelligent robot that does the laundry”. Robots that are programmed to do real life chores is something unusual to see during this time. We, normally do laundry without thinking, alas it is a hard-core job for a robot to do laundry. That is because most clothing piece is different by shape, size and even inside out, making the robot have to pick the right item and do the laundry the right way. However, Brett the robot in this exhibition does laundry and with trial and error, successfully operates as a chore maker.

Berkeley Robot for the Elimination of Tedious Tasks ( BRETT)

University of California, Berkeley

2010- Ongoing

These robots will be operated but not so soon at this time. My door handle project, has a connection to this particular design. I created a mixer piece representing the domestic life of a women being used in the household by men. Brett has a relation of housewife where laundry, cooking and so on chores are their job in a domesticated environment. I saw a resemblance to my own door handle design. Chores in the domesticated home is challenging and tiring for women, where lots of expected from them. Cooking and doing laundry both are a big struggle for housewives. My aim is to empower their feminine power and to show how they can stand up by themselves and work at the job they please. Having futuristic robots making the chores are a chance for women to live their life in freedom and to do their own job outside of home.

DIY Hacks that reframe design and engineering practice

Engineering at home

Sara Hendren & Caitrin Lynch 2016

When 71-year-old Cindy lost the use of her limbs following complications after a severe heart attack, she had difficulties doing most of her daily life activities. While waiting for her prosthetic (robotic) to arrive, she created her own DIY robotic, object hacks that she now found hard to do. These hacks, allowed Cindy to do basic things like, hold cutlery, play cards, brush teeth, read the newspaper etc. Hendren and Lynch, were the ones documenting Cindy’s experience of these hacks and how it changed her life. These hacks reminded people that why engineering is so important in our lives and where they are in our lives? As I watched the video on the exhibition, I thought how someone can use technology just to make their life easier for them personally such as doing normal daily life activities where people do without technology. Her creation, reminded me of my own door handle project and the concept of  which is a domesticated activity done at the home by housewives.

Videos from the interactive exhibition

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