Series - Virtual Museum: National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Korea Gwacheon-si, South Korea

Insatiable Desire of Pathetic Love Series+ The Internal Organs

N. O. H. Suntag 2009~2013 2010~2011

  • Physical Dimensions: w53 x h40 cm

  • Provenance: MMCA

  • Type: Archival pigment print

The documentation of the historic construction and opening of MMCA Seoul which is a long-term archive project has been carried out, recording the entire process of the construction in great detail. The archive project extensively chronicled the construction of the museum from numerous angles, utilizing a variety of audio-visual media, including photography, video, and sound. Photographic documentation was led by two of Korea’s most renowned photographers, Suntag Noh and Seung Woo Back, for a period of 5 years from the beginning of the construction process in 2009 to the completion in 2013.

A recipient of silver medal for the German Photobook Prize in 2009 and the 11th Dong Gang Photography Award in 2012, Suntag Noh aims to capture “traces that strive to erase traces,” by exposing the politics embedded within contemporary situations and events. He explores the theme of desire surrounding politics, art, and the military, particularly by delving into and interfering with the gap of power that emerges from Korea’s state of division. The photographs of the construction stone's represent different organs of the body and the relationship between bodies and construction.

My Land-Meridian by Mahmoud Bakhshi Moakhar

White-6 HA Tea-Bum 2013

In the autumn of 2016 the exhibition 《WHITE》 by artist Tae-Bum Ha was held at the Lian Gallery in Seoul. As the name of the exhibition shows, the white color has an important place in his work.This exhibition, featuring the series White, which the artist has continued since 2008, deals with the tragic materials that have occurred in all parts of the world, such as Syria and Japan and Italy. From creating miniature ruins of the city and taking pictures or videos, the images of the ruins and the scene of the incident are realistically created.In addition to buildings, the debris that spread to the floor, curved rebars, and the expression of objects are difficult to judge as miniatures at once.

In José Saramago's novelThe City of the Blind, people are blinded by an unknown disease.The first infected person describes this.“I can't see anything, as if it were covered in fog, or as if I was in a milky sea”.Those who lose sight fall into chaos in a white world.A world of violence and desire.But is this a story that exists only in a novel?

The Record of Thinking by Lee, Kang-woo 1994

How a person's mind go from thinking to over- thinking to start hallucinating and creating stories.

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