Series - Virtual Museum: Royal College of Arts

Interior Design Platforms 2019/20: Interior Matter

MA Interior Design - Tutor: Ian Hunter

Never Lost, Emily Forgot, London Design Festival, 2019 / Clone of a Monument, Carola Hein & Partners, 2018.

In the school of Architecture in Royal College of Arts, the programme created eight different platforms for second year students to join. As I was researching about these platforms, I came up to 'Interior Matter' which I really thought was an amazing brief. Let me tell you about it.

This platform is laser focused on materials and making within interiors. Materials driven design techniques will be used to explore the performance, pragmatic and perceptive qualities of matter, and how these qualities inform aspects of form, detail and atmosphere. We encourage hands-on experimentation and direct contact with the outside world of design practitioners, manufacturers and makers. Using laser cutting is one of most precise work I created over my BA, hard but extremely effective.

Materials is key in interior design and architecture for optimum creativity and innovation, as well as a deep understanding of materials and technology. As designers we are way past the perfunctory task of providing shelter. From the technological mastery displayed in Apple stores to the health promoting nature of Maggie’s Centres, the spaces we create should deliver so much more. They should tell stories, communicate values, be legible and allow the occupants within to flourish. Our spaces must also perform the functions for which they were intended. And it is through the use and manipulation of matter that our design intent will be ultimately manifested. The project aim is to create and communicate interior design through exploring materiality. Each member will find a case study to work on and create the brief accordingly. TITLE: MATERIALISING AN INTERIOR “Materials are essential for making the object that is a building, and through careful choices they can bleed over into the intangible, affecting the spaces created. This can be through performance and comfort, or more subtle through the creation of atmosphere and feeling.” Rowan Moore, Why we build?


Books Thomas Heatherwick: Making - Maisie Rowe and Thomas Heatherwick, 2015 Joyful - Ingrid Fettel Lee, 2018 Sustainable materials with Both Eyes Open - Jonathan Cullen, Julian M. Allwood, 2012 Cradle to Cradle Michael Braungart and William McDonough, 2002 Materials Experience, Fundamentals of Materials and Design - Elvin Karana, 2013 Stuff Matters - Mark Miodownik, 2013 Material Culture in the Social World - Tim Dant, 1999 Making it - Chris Lefteri, 2007 The Craftsman - Richard Sennett, 2008 Manufacturing Processes for Design Professionals - Rob Thompson, 2007 Designs for the real world - Vicktor Papanek, 1971

Film Abstract - Ilse Crawford (Netflix) Abstract - Neri Oxman (Netflix) How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr Foster? (Art Commissioners)

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